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Ketamine Treatments

An Exceptional Treatment Option for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Pain and Other Conditions.

dr amy van elkan

Amy van Elkan, MD

Crestline Health and Wellness

In 2019 Dr. Amy van Elkan founded the first ketamine clinic in Mountain Brook, Alabama. Crestline Health and Wellness was developed to help people who are suffering from severe mood disorders and neuropathic pain. At the time, there was no option in the Birmingham area to pursue ketamine infusion therapies in a focused clinical setting.

During her UAB Anesthesiology residency, Dr. van Elkan began using ketamine for both general anesthesia and sedation cases where she noted significant positive post-surgical patient outcomes. Based on her extensive experience administering ketamine both inpatient and outpatient, clinical research, and her psychology bachelor’s degree she decided to focus her practice exclusively on ketamine infusion therapy.

Dr. Amy van Elkan is extending her practice to offer her patients infusions for their unique medical conditions.  Known for her extensive personalized patient anesthesia expertise, Dr. Amy is pleased to now provide her patients more treatment options.

Since 2001, Dr. Amy has cared for thousands of patients, many of them for over a decade, creating personalized relationships which isn’t always the case in her specialty. Her patients tell her she’s compassionate and an expert at getting those difficult IVs working. The practice is extremely proud to provide patients personalized therapy allowing them to recover from severe depression, get back to work, resolve their crippling post-traumatic stress disorder, keep pain at bay, and overall, see some light in the darkness.

Providers of these services have increased rapidly nationwide. Dr. van Elkan and her team are leaders in the field, adding to research and incorporating the latest findings for the best treatment possible. Crestline Health and Wellness is designed especially around its patients’ needs and offers the highest value of care.

When she isn’t caring one on one for each of her patients, she enjoys spending time with her husband Eric, cheering on her son Max at Auburn, and getting updates from her daughter Hampton Leigh in NYC.  You can always know that “Mimi” is making sure her granddaughter Kinleigh is entertained helping out her parents, Eric Jr and Casey.

We Provide Effective Treatment For The Following Conditions

Why Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Fast and Effective

Ketamine infusion therapy can help patients feel better within hours of treatment.

Over 50 years

Ketamine has been used in clinics and hospitals around the world for more than 50 years.

Long Term Relief

Ketamine can help those who suffer from mood conditions and chronic pain feel better for the long-term.


Unlike traditional treatments, ketamine is safe and patients reported minimal side effects.



Bipolar Disorder


Other Symptoms

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