3300 Cahaba Road, Suite 100

Shades Brook Office Building
Birmingham, Alabama 35223


8 am-4 pm, Monday-Friday


"Dr. Amy’s vision to offer BHM the opportunity to regain their lives again is typical of her years of passion to motivate people such as myself to heal, feel and be the best they can. Her skill, exceptional medical knowledge, classy disposition, and compassion have created a new level of doctor patient trust and gratitude.

Ashley is exceptionally responsible and responsive in every medical manner as well as being the most compassionate, available, respectful and humorous. She is also by far the quickest nurse at resolving unusual queries I throw at her.

This team consistently demonstrates their genuine care about their patients and have significantly improved my well being."

"I got my daughter back"

“Personalized and professional care.”

“The genuine care that Dr. Amy and nurse Ashley constantly show makes you feel safe and secure in the knowledge you are being professionally and properly treated. This allowed me to concentrate on getting better. I now have so much hope that with their help I will have the chance to overcome and manage my depression and anxiety.”

NOTE TO OUR CLIENTS: We have moved to a new location.

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