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Intranasal esketamine (SPRAVATO™) is FDA approved and is now available at Crestline Health and Wellness for patients with treatment resistant depression (TRD). We are a certified SPRAVATO™ treatment center. As with ketamine infusions Dr. Amy must meet with you to determine if you do have treatment resistant depression and to prescribe the SPRAVATO™ for you.  

The fee for this consultation is $300. We will try our best to get the medication approved through your insurance.  At the moment co-pays vary greatly so please call us so we can help determine the out of pocket cost.  The fee for administering the SPRAVATO™ and monitoring for 2 hours is $200 per session.  The drug itself can only be administered at an approved facility.   If your current provider is able to prescribe the medication, we can administer the medication in our facility and can then waive the initial $300 consultation fee.  Please feel free to call us for more details on this process.

NOTE TO OUR CLIENTS: We have moved to a new location.

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