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Why Ketamine?

IV ketamine infusions offer the possibility of rapid relief from suffering.

Good efficacy

studies and treatment information show ketamine may provide relief for about 75% of patients with even severe and treatment-resistant symptoms.

Rapid relief

The effect of ketamine infusions are immediate, with patients often noticing positive results immediately and longer-lasting results after multiple treatments.

A long history of safe and effective use

Ketamine has been used in anesthesia for decades. It has a demonstrated history of safe and effective use as it does not depress breathing or lower blood pressure.

The possibility of long-lasting relief

The long-term benefits of ketamine therapies are not well studied, but studies and treatment results to date suggest the possibility of long-lasting relief from symptoms for some patients after minimal treatments and for most patients with a series of treatments followed by maintenance treatments.

When nothing else has worked

Ketamine is shown to provide relief for those with even severe, treatment-resistant symptoms.

What the National Institute of Mental Health says about Ketamine

“The most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades” Dr. Thomas Insel, Former Director of NIMH.

What the World Health Organization says about Ketamine

Ketamine is a versatile medicine and possibly the most widely used anesthetic in the world. It was added to the WHO list of essential medicines in 1985.

It is important to note that this should not be considered an exhaustive list of considerations for undertaking ketamine infusion therapies. Ketamine is a serious anesthetic. It should be administered by appropriately-trained professionals. Risks with anesthesia, as with any medical procedure, may be significant. Patients should undertake ketamine infusion therapies in consultation with their doctor.

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