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Our Prices

Knowledge and experience leading and focused on a spa-like treatment at the best price!

Other treatment dosing and durations may be appropriate.

The most appropriate course of treatments will be different for each patient.

We collaborate with patients towards the best possible treatments – we strive to maximize the duration and quality of results through appropriate dosing, adjunct medications as appropriate, and a treatment frequency that makes sense for you.

low-dose infusions
$ 375
  • For psychiatric symptoms and some pain conditions
  • 40 minutes of active infusion
  • 20 minutes of active recovery, approximately
  • Patients typically spend 1.5 hours in the office
  • Low-dose infusions typically start around 0.5 mg/kg/hr of ketamine and are adjusted to appropriate response of the patient
Two-hour low-dose infusions
$ 675
  • For some pain conditions.
  • 2 hours of active infusion
  • 1 hour of active recovery, approximately
  • Patients typically spend 3 hours in the office
low-dose infusions
$ 1,350
  • For some pain conditions
  • 4 hours of active infusion
  • 2 hours of active recovery, approximately
  • Patients spends up to 6 hours in the office


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